Shoping Cart Demo with PayPal's Secure Shopping System.

* No Merchant Account Necessary!

* Only 2.9% + $.30 per transaction!

* No Minimum Monthly Fee!

* If you average more than $3000 per month, then you can qualify for even lower % rates!

* No need to buy your own costly Security Certificate!

* No need to have your own secure hosting server!

* Can save you $1000's off online start-up expenses!

* Test the system!


Visit PayPal to learn more. Rates subject to change.

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Paypal Shopping Cart Demo

For those who only have a few items or just 1 item to sell online, we can help build your own affordable online store without a big investment or risk! We have partnered with PayPal, the Internet's largest and fastest growing payment system which provides secure shopping cart systems for your ecommerce store. Below is a presentation showing the essential components to a shopping cart and payment processing system. i-Panic can incorporate a shopping cart and payment processing system into your own customized website quickly and securely.

PayPal Cart Presentation

Visit Live PayPal Shops

Check-out PayPal in real action at a variety of online stores at PayPal Shops. Many of those stores offer discounts when you pay via PayPal.

PayPal also offers the ability to bill for recurring services, like subscriptions or memberships so that you don't have to worry about sending invoices each month. You just worry about counting your money...and best of all, it earns dividends of ~5%...much more than any interest rate your typical bank will offer!

FOR HELP Integrating PayPal with your website

Please contact us regarding your next PayPal project and we'd be happy to walk you thru the process so that you can start growing your business as quickly as possible! > This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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